Photoshop Tips

Image Size and Resolution: Working with image size and resolution.

Create an Animation: Make your own animated web ad gif.

Edit an Animation in Photoshop CS3: Edit an animated gif in Photoshop CS3.

Eradicating Red-Eye: Get rid of red-eye the easy way.

Removing a Color Cast: Convert to Lab mode to easily get rid of annoying background color casts.

Stamping Out Defects: Using the Clone Stamp tool to repair dust, scratches, tears and other image defects.

Adjusting Image Tone: Use Levels to adjust image tone and contrast.

Sharpening Blurry Images: Using Unsharp Mask to sharpen images.

Dodging and Burning: Using the Dodge and Burn tools to improve image contrast and restoring image detail.

Correcting Red Flesh Tones: Using Hue/Saturation to fix flesh tones that are too red.

Creating Gold Metallic Text: A tutorial on creating your own gold metallic-looking text.

Creating Decorative Edges: Tired of boring borders around your photos? Have some fun creating decorative edges for your digital images.

Restoring Old B&W Images: Links to my Photoshop tutorials up that deal with restoring old photographs.

Graphic File Format Overview: When you Save an image for the first time or Save As, you'll notice that you have a wealth of different graphic file formats to choose from. For Photoshop beginners, all these file formats can be rather daunting. The following is just a brief overview of what some of these file formats are, how they are used, and when to use them.