Jobs for Writers Jobs: This is one the best sources of freelance writing jobs out there—an amazing resource, all free, writing jobs for print and Web. New freelance jobs listed daily, as well as numerous articles and tips for writers.

Journalism Job Bank: UC Berkeley's list of job openings, divided into New Media, Newspapers & Wire Services, Television, Freelance, Magazines, etc. Jobs are nationwide, with new listings posted weekly. Huge database of writing and editing jobs for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online media. Also includes job opportunities for freelancers. Jobs listings for "media professionals." Many jobs for writers and editors. Another great source of freelance writing jobs—thousands of ads seeking freelance writers of all types, print and web.

SunOasis Jobs: Extensive, nationwide on-site and off-site, full-time and freelance/contract job listings for writers, editors and copywriters. Good source for freelance and Web editor/writer jobs.

Telecommuting Job Opportunities for Writers: This site doesn't change all that often but it can be a limited source for freelance/contract job leads. Part of a larger site called Telecommuting Jobs.

The Write Jobs: Created by Writers Write, this site maintains a current listing of all sorts of writing jobs, nationwide. WAHM stands for Work At Home Moms, but you don't have to be a Mom to appreciate the value of this site. New jobs are posted daily on the Telecommuting Jobs page, and although only a few jobs listed are for writers, this site is well worth a visit every now and again, especially if you want to branch out into other freelance/work-at-home areas.